• Valentine Mini Preview | St. Louis Photography

    As much as I love Thanksgiving, Autumn weather, the flowers of spring and snacking on sweet watermelon on the 4th of July I have a special place in my heart for Valentines Day.  I’ve always had fond memories of this holiday.  It started in Elementary school when I would make a mailbox and receive Valentines from all my classmates.  In high school I loved giving out candy to my friends and receiving yummy treats.  My dad was also very sweet to always call me on Valentines day when I was at College and make sure I was doing ok.  He is good dad.  I never really had a special valentine until I started dating my now husband, Steven.  Our first Valentine’s Day together I made him dinner and we enjoyed a nice evening together.  We have spent every Valentines day together since.  Sometimes we go out and sometimes we stay in.  Its always a nice day.  Since having children we have made an extra effort to communicate to them how much we love them and how thankful we are for their lives.  Oh yes, candy is always involved.  
    This year I am excited to announce some Valentine Mini Sessions for All Things Simple, Photography.  While I will share more details this weekend I wanted to give everyone a preview.  First, let me share that these sessions are guaranteed to be FUN.  I hope to bring out some big smiles and sweet moments of you and/or your children.  Second, I will be working out of a new home studio in Chesterfield, MO which means that no matter how cold it is outside it will be nice and warm inside. Finally, candy will be involved.  Each client will get to take home a sweet treat after their session (and perhaps a few nibbles during the session as well).  Stay tuned for specific details and enjoy these preview photos.  
    The backdrop for these sessions is still in process.  Check back on Sunday for complete details and more images.  

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